When My House Burned Down: My Story


When My House Burned Down: My Story The Shock I remember standing across the street from my home watching as the firemen put out the flames. My neighbors were offering their condolences and their help. Half a dozen public adjusters were parked on the street waiting to pepper us with their sales pitch that, unless we hired them, the insurance company would rip us off. Some offered us kickbacks of thousands of dollars (a sales tactic which is illegal, by the way). But at that moment I was numb to all of it, because I had no [...]

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Fire Claim FAQ


Fire Claim FAQ Table of Contents 1. What Are Common Restoration Issues in Fire and Flood Restoration Claims? 2. How Does The Insurance Company Decide Whether to Repair or Replace? 3. What Does Like Kind and Quality Mean and What Are The Issues? 4. What Is Additional Living Expense Coverage and What Are The Issues? 5. Should I hire an Attorney, a Public Adjuster, or Go It Alone? After the life insurance company denied a claim because the insured had missed a premium payment, Steven Pollack took on the case and was able to secure [...]

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