Own Occupation Disability Lawyers

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Persons eligible for private disability benefits include those who purchased an “own occupation” disability insurance policy. This policy stipulates it will pay an benefit amount in the event that the policyholder becomes partially or totally disabled and is no longer able to perform the material duties of their own job. A layer experienced handling own-occupation disability claims can assist with obtaining both types of benefits, and can be particularly helpful in cases when insurance companies have denied an own occupation disability claim.

Own Occupation Disability Claims

Own-occupation disability claims can be denied by insurance companies for a variety of reasons, but underlying all of these reasons is its profit motive. Insurance companies make more money the more claims they deny, regardless of what is fair. Lawyers handling own-occupation disability claims often have experience dealing with these insurance company tactics, and assist clients in the confusing and often stressful process of appealing denials. If you haven’t yet applied for an own-occupation disability claim, an experienced lawyer can help with this process to ensure that you obtain a fair claim payment or settlement. 

My experience is that those who hire lawyers to assist in the claims application process or in appealing a denied claim are more likely to obtain a successful resolution. If you are located in Illinois and are considering hiring an attorney for your own-occupation claim, or are wondering if you qualify for benefits, fill out the consultation form below and I will get back to you at no cost. If I take on your case, I will most often work on a risk-free, contingency basis, which means that I don’t get paid unless you do.

Do I Really Need To Hire a Disability Attorney to Assist With an Own Occupation Disability Claim?

It can be tempting to want to go it alone. Many people enjoy feeling in control from negotiating their own insurance claims. Taking on that responsibility sometimes does not end with a good result. Instead of taking on the risk of having your insurance claim denied and not getting the claim paid like you deserve, hire a life insurance attorney to give you the peace of mind that your settlement is in the hands of someone who has investigated and successfully gotten claims similar to yours paid.

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