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As a property damage lawyer I fight insurance companies on a daily basis to obtain fair claim payments and settlements on behalf of my clients. Whether you haven’t yet submitted your claim, your claim has already been denied, or you received an insufficient claim benefit payment, the sooner you enlist my services the sooner we can work together to get your insurance company to pay according to the policy you paid for. Give me a call or fill out the consultation form below- there is absolutely zero risk. I give case evaluations free of charge, and I work mostly on a contingency basis, meaning I don’t get paid unless you do. 

The two main types of property insurance claims that I handle are large loss commercial property loss claims, and large loss homeowner claims. 

Commercial Property Insurance Lawyer

If you’ve experienced damage to your business or to your company’s physical assets you may want to consider hiring a commercial property insurance lawyer to assist with your claim. Whether its fire damage, weather damage, a burst pipe, or a burglary, receiving a fair claim payment or settlement is your right as a business owner who made the responsible choice of purchasing commercial insurance.

The frustrating reality is that insurance companies will try to deny claims whenever possible in order to maximize their profits. As a business owner you are already dealing with the stress of your loss and figuring out how you can get your business back on track, and you may not have time to manage the complexities of your claim. The insurance company employs claims representatives who can focus exclusively on investigating your claim. Hire a commercial property insurance lawyer to fight for your claim and give you peace of mind in the midst of this stressful experience.

Background on Commercial Property Loss Claims

Payments on Commercial Insurance premiums make up nearly half of the United States insurance market. It makes sense that commercial insurance is such a huge market because it allows businesses to operate knowing that they will be compensated in case of a disaster. Business owners, however, still may find themselves at a disadvantage when confronting the insurance companies without the help of an experienced commercial property insurance lawyer who is aware of the typical tactics used by insurance claims adjusters to pay less than the policy requires

In 2020, the Property and Casualty Insurance industry had a net income of $59.1 Billion, despite the surge in business interruptions due to Covid-19. This gigantic profit margin is supported in part by insurance companies’ efforts to underpay or deny claims despite policy, regulatory and statutory provisions which do not support such efforts. 

The average insurance company has hundreds of lawyers working for them, and without legal representation many businesses are overwhelmed by the combined stress of their loss and of dealing with insurance company claims adjusters. It is important to know that every dollar they don’t pay out on your claim is another dollar flowing through to its bottom line. Courts generally hold that you and your insurer have interests which are adverse to each other, and refuse to ascribe a fiduciary duty to it. If you find yourself in this situation, you can better equip yourself by checking out the resources available on this website, such as my complete guide on how to talk to insurance claims adjusters, or by getting in touch with me, an experienced commercial property insurance lawyer, through my free consultation form. 

Fire Insurance Claim Lawyer

Having a fire can be one of the most devastating events in an individual’s or family’s life. Having fire insurance covering replacement cost is usually the only way that the home can be replaced so that the homeowner can regain their normal lifestyle. Unfortunately, filing and negotiating a fire claim can be a frustrating and confusing process that only makes matters more difficult. The company claims adjuster is working to protect the rights of the insurance company while you are on your own to get what the policy promises. Having an experienced fire insurance claim lawyer on your side can help take the burden off your shoulders.

Never count on your insurance company when you have a fire and try to collect on a claim. Your insurer will often come up with its own estimate of your damages before you even think about obtaining your own estimates. This is the easy button which they hope you will simply accept. You must verify that what they estimate is what you are entitled to under the policy. No matter what they said when you took out your insurance policy, their interest is to pay the least amount possible to settle your claim! Any substantial fire is one which you should have a qualified fire insurance claim lawyer to protect your rights. 

As a Fire Insurance claim lawyer I have a great deal of experience in helping others with their fire claim. I have also experienced the same kind of loss myself. The fire I experienced led to my decision to practice almost exclusively in helping others who are in the same position where the insurer holds all the cards and you are given the choice to take it or leave it. I use my experience in the law to help individuals negotiate fire insurance claims and fight to get them the claim payment or settlement they deserve.

Do I Really Need To Hire a Property Damage Attorney?

It can be tempting to want to go it alone. Many people enjoy the feeling of control they get from negotiating their own insurance claims. But taking on that responsibility rarely ends with a good result due to the imbalance of information and negotiating power between you and your insurance company. Instead of taking on the risk of having your insurance claim denied, or not getting the claim payment you deserve, hire a property damage lawyer to give you the peace of mind that your claim is in the hands of someone who brings the same experience to your claim as the insurance company adjuster brings to them.

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